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In order for us to accurately obtain true density estimates of lion and cheetahs, we need to be able to identify each and every individual lion and cheetah. Each individual is given a unique code, from as early after birth as possible, and as soon as we can get proper ID shots, each coded lion and cheetah gets its own ID card. So far, we have roughly 1200+ individual lions identified and 950+ lion ID cards. For cheetahs, we have 137 individuals with almost as many ID cards.

Here you can find all the lion and cheetah catalogues to help you identify each individual. We try as much as we can to update them on a regular basis, but because we have so many, especially lion individuals, we sometimes struggle to keep on top of getting good updated shots of all individuals. We therefore welcome you to help us with updating lions and cheetahs. So, if you are in the Mara, and identify a lion or a cheetah with a good headshot for lion and body shot for cheetah for example, and see that our ID cards are outdated, you can send us your photo if you wish, tell us which individual it is and thereby help us keep our catalogues up-to-date.  

How lions are coded: Coming soon

How cheetahs are coded: Coming soon

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