The Mara Predator Conservation Programme is working towards securing a future for wild dogs in Masai Mara. The African wild dogs are some of the most efficient hunters among predators. However, they are highly vulnerable and are listed as Endangered on the IUCN Redlist of species. We are putting efforts to document the re-establishment of wild dog populations in Mara.

We have identified a denning wild dogs pack near one of the villages in Mara. However, there are reports of the wild dogs killing sheep in the village. The villagers have been tolerant of the dogs and have not retaliated.

To stop the incidences of the dogs killing sheep, we need to urgently install a predator-proof boma (enclosure). We are also in the process of collaring one of the wild dogs in the pack so that we can track their movements. Though we already have the collars, we require additional funds to pay for the collaring exercise which has to be carried out the Kenya Wildlife Service vet team.

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