After a long while

She was marked as disappeared and then presumed dead. Nguro, one of our strongest and old lioness had been by herself. Her name means half tail in Maa. She hunted for big prey alone.

One time she took a baby giraffe from its mother and fought hyenas to feed. She raised 2 cubs (Male-Chongo, and Female) in 2014 and is the only known litter she ever raised successfully. The 2 have not been sighted since 2014. 2016-2017, Nguro disappeared for a year.

In 2017, She was seen mating and later with 3 small cubs in Naboisho. In 2018 we saw her next to a boma on the border of MMNR and OMC, where she had taken some sheep and she got badly wounded with what seemed to be a spear. She was deep in a thicket so it was not possible to treat her. We searched for her the following morning but we did not find her.

For about another year without seeing her, we presumed she was dead, almost sure this time. This week she reappeared in OMC where she had been resident for a long time. She was looking weak with injuries on her back. Luckily she was able to hunt a wildebeest that had a broken leg. We hope she will bring up a litter or two to continue her resilient traits.

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