Spot-a-Cat is the first cheetah monitoring app that will let you record cheetah sightings across Africa, helping contribute to cheetah conservation!

At the Mara Predator Conservation Programme, we work with the team at Spot-a-Cat to incorporate citizen science in our conservation work.

The global cheetah population is rapidly dwindling. With less than 10,000 individuals left in the wild, cheetahs are vulnerable to extinction. The remaining populations will continue to decline unless we work together to understand cheetah behaviour and trends, so we know which areas need protection.

You can help! Download Spot-a-Cat and record your cheetah sightings today. Whether you are a tourist, a photographer, a ranger or anyone else who spends time in Africa, you can play a part in cheetah monitoring and conservation.


  • Record your cheetah sightings
  • Upload photos for individual identification
  • See uploaded sightings on an interactive map
  • Cheetah fact file

How your sightings will be used:

  • Uploaded sightings are sent to a central database
  • Sightings in the Kenya/Tanzania will be used to monitor specific individuals
  • All cheetahs sightings will be used determine their range and distribution
Download Spot-a-Cat